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Ameerah Barker, a former NFL Cheerleader and the Founder and CEO of Scar Power, a platform created to empower women with scars and imperfections, is a coach on authenticity, self-love, and purpose, who had a vision to uplift, inspire, and change the mindsets of women with scars. 

She creates content that speaks directly to their needs of releasing fears and societal pressure around body image. Her overall mission is to become a force that helps change society’s perception around scars and build a more inclusive world for women with scars.

Ameerah’s signature coaching program, Preparing For Love, serves to teach women with physical and emotional scars how to build unshakeable self-love within first, as well as nurture self -acceptance, build confidence, and overcome fears of intimacy in order to prepare for their highest love relationship.

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About Scar Power

Scar Power’s mission is to educate and empower women with scars (physical and/or emotional) to overcome their insecurities, build confidence, and step into their power. It is an inclusive community that creates a safe space where women can feel inspired, and know it is okay to be yourself, love yourself, and celebrate yourself, exactly as you are!


Scar Movement

Let’s Start A Movement!

Since Scar Power is a new company, help me to make it go VIRAL!!

I created this company for all women like myself, who has noticeable scars and feel, or have felt, unworthy, insecure and limited. Let me be the first to tell you: YOU ARE WORTHY and it’s okay to be authentically you!!

Let’s shout this out to the world by using #scarpower on your social media! If we all move together, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!


Scarlight Coaching

Are you ready for love?

The brand new Scarlight Coaching Program, Preparing For Love, provides single women with scars (both physical and emotional) with the confidence and tools they need to prepare for an intimate relationship, and/or heal from a previous one. 

If you’re looking to get grounded in who you are and power up for love, then you’re in the right place!

Ameerah Love
Scar Talk Web

Scar Talk Webinars

Join Scar Power as we discuss some of the leading issues dealing with physical and emotional scars.

From keloid and hypertrophic scars to relationship scars left by those we love; scars are a part of life.

Healing begins when we are able to bring our scars from the darkness into the light. 

Learn from various experts on how to become one with our scars.




Scarlight Features

A Scarlight, (a play on “Spotlight’) is a feature article showcasing the story of an incredibly brave woman to help inspire others. The story will present how she overcame, or is still dealing with, the insecurities and difficulties surrounding her scar(s). Scarlights will be posted once a month on our Feature Fridays!

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Own Your Scars

We’ve all been hurt in some way. Don’t think of the marks left behind as scars. View them as tattoos to wear with pride, reminders of your strength and growth. – Karen Salmansohn




*Model – Meka


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