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Ameerah is a woman whose self-directed purpose is to inspire and educate women all across the world to overcome their fears and insecurities around their scars. To help them to believe and KNOW they are worthy just the way they are!

Her primarily female audience is interested in self- development, self-care, building confidence and mental toughness and looks for ways to help them feel their best!

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Ameerah is such an incredible leader and has created a beautiful, supportive, and inspiring community of women from all over the world that makes you feel connected and deeply inspired! I am so grateful for the events and webinars that Scar Power has provided for the community. Ameerah is so kind, inspiring, and motivated to make a huge difference in the lives of women. I highly, highly recommend joining the Scar Power community and learning from Ameerah and being connected to the beautiful community she has created!

Kelly Purcell

Founder and CEO, Ground. Connect. Empower.

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