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About Me

I am so completely honored that you are here to join me on my journey of self-development and self-discovery. I created this company to inspire women with scars and imperfections who may feel they are not enough and unworthy. My goal is to spark an awakening within these women to feel for themselves how worthy, special, and beautiful they really are!


My Story


In 2009, I underwent plastic surgery on my chest to remove a keloid and was told to use a topical ointment called Aldara Cream in the healing process. For those of you who don’t know what a keloid is, according to this article by Healthline, “When skin is injured, fibrous tissue called scar tissue forms over the wound to repair and protect the injury. In some cases, extra scar tissue grows, forming smooth, hard growths called keloids.”

Unfortunately, the cream gave me a huge chemical burn on my chest which turned into a much larger keloid, much bigger than the one I initially had. Two additional surgeries and over 12 years of steroid injections later, I have come to accept the scar that is now part of me.

However, this was not always the case.

For 12 years, I lived in shame of this scar. Only my close family and friends knew about it and even less had seen it. As a former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader where your looks are always front and center, and previous dreams of wanting to become a model, you can imagine the hit I took to my self-confidence and self-esteem. I did not wear any clothing that did not cover up my scar…up until now, that is.

So what changed, you ask?

The Start of It All


In September 2020, I lost my job as a Project Manager and contractor for the Government. The contract that I led had come to an end.  With my newfound free time, I began my journey into the world of self-development. It all started with a free online seminar called New World, New You with Tony Robbins in January 2021. This led to a series of Tony Robbins’ seminars: Unleash the Power Within in March 2021, Wealth Mastery in April 2021, another free seminar by Tony and Dean Graziosi in May 2021 called the Own Your Future Challenge, and finally in August 2021, The World Summit. The compounding knowledge from these events led to the broadening of my mindset and changed my life!

Each seminar built one upon the other like stepping stones; elevating my thinking and beliefs with it. As I continued to hear success stories from outstanding speakers like Tony Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, Glo Atanmo, Brendan Burchard, and Trent Shelton, among many others, I began to come out of my old ways of thinking and my comfort zone a little more. I realized I wanted so much more for my life. I wanted to do something; I wanted to make a difference in my life and in my family’s lives.  I had been restricting myself for years because of this scar, which only served to diminish my confidence and self-esteem and made me feel unworthy, stuck, and limited. And I needed to be FREE! I realized that the only person that could free me, was ME!

After the seminar in May 2021, I finally understood that I was in control of my life! I decided to take my power back and no longer let this scar run the show. I wanted to be free to live the life I was created to live, wear all the cute clothes that I would never have worn previously, and finally go outside in a tank top! Restricting myself because of the beliefs I had around this scar was no longer an option. Yes, it was a part of me, but it was NOT ME! 

(On top of that, I was featured in the Own Your Future Challenge 2023! See video below.)


The Company


Once I realized this, intuition struck! If I had been feeling like this for so many years, then I certainly couldn’t be the only one! I was sure there were other women out there who felt insecure and unworthy because of a scar or imperfection. And now, I could help!  I believed that if I created content for me – things that I needed to see, hear, and learn to become better and release fear and insecurity – then I could share it with others who may need it as well!

This was the birth of Scar Power! You can read more about the company and mission HERE.


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Photo Gallery

After I got this scar, I didn’t think that I would be able to model anymore. My confidence was low, and I didn’t have the vison. But after I decided to get out of my scar and into my life, modeling has become fun again!

I am here to show you that you can do whatever you put your mind to, scars and all!  Enjoy!

**Thank you to all the amazing photographers who shot these beautiful pictures!**


Here you will find speaking engagements where I have been invited to share my story and my heart in the hopes of inspiring women, and helping them understand that  you are so much more than your scars! I hope you enjoy!


I was honored to be a speaker in the “Flow in Your Flaw” Summit hosted by Dr. Marcea Whitaker of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching. Watch the replay to learn more about me and my take on how you can turn your flaw into your superpower!


I was invited to be a guest on the Podcast “Masks Off with Kim Gross” to start off the New Year! It was a great experience! I got to speak my truth as well as inspire women to ground themselves in their own truth. I hope you love it!


I was featured on the Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s Own Your Future Challenge in August 2023!  I am so grateful for this honor! It felt full circle as I started my journey with them, and to be recognized by them felt amazing! This was not just a win for me, but it’s a win for us all!  #scarpower

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