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Preparing For Love

8-Week Coaching Program 



Obtain clarity on exactly what you want and need in a relationship

Understand Your Value

Get to know who you truly are – You are NOT your scars!


Previous patterns, self-doubt, self-sabotage and traumas that keep you trapped 

Love Blueprint

Confidently create your relationship blueprint out of your full authentic energy 

Are you tired of letting long-held fears, stress, and anxiety related to your scars keep you from an amazing relationship?

Discover How An Empowerment Coach Transformed Her Self-Perception By Bridging A Gap Between Her ‘Small Self’ And Her ‘Higher Self’ And Is Ready To Help You…


◊ Prepare For Your Most Fulfilling Relationship

Remove Fear, Doubt, And Self-Sabotage 

Heal From Previous Relationships

Rebuild Your Self-Esteem And Self-Worth

“No one will ever be attracted to me with these scars”


“I’ll never let anyone hurt me like that again”


How many times have you said this to yourself? 


If you tend to hide your physical scars or be insecure about them when meeting someone new…


Or are afraid to meet someone new because you are petrified of how they will react to your scars…


Also, you avoid intimacy because of past hurts and pains…


Hiding behind the wall you built for fear of someone coming too close…

And sabotaging any chance you get at being happy because…

You can’t seem to release those negative scar patterns that keep you from truly getting to know someone else…


Know that you are not alone.

Yes, you heard right, you are not the only one who has let scars dictate your feelings and keep you trapped in low self-esteem…

I was just like you a few years ago…

Covered up with layers of clothes and feelings of fear, low “body-esteem,” and confidence.

Before my scar, I had been a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader and I loved modeling and taking pictures…

My self-esteem was high, and I thought I knew who I was…

But a decision to get plastic surgery led to a huge scar and a shattered self-image.

You see,

Back in 2019, I had a keloid on my chest, and I underwent plastic surgery to get it removed…

But the healing ointment I was told to use for my wound gave me a severe chemical burn, thus forming a much larger keloid…

I completed two additional surgeries and over 13 years of consistent steroid injections, of which is still get today…

I confined this scar, and parts of myself, to a small circle of family and friends to avoid the embarrassment of people noticing my scar.

After a series of life’s nudges, including multiple miscarriages, divorce, a job layoff, financial difficulty and more…

I decided enough was enough! I had to stop hiding and defeat the ‘small me’ that reveled in low self-esteem and self-doubt and find that powerful women who I knew was still there…

A number of self-improvement seminars conducted by Tony Robbins, as well as intensive inner work, led me to change my overall perception of myself and what I was capable of…


I realized that the POWER I HELD WITHIN was much stronger than my scar that kept me trapped and my ‘small self’ that told me I wasn’t enough…


This led to an awakening that allowed me to accept my scar and myself EXACTLY AS I AM.


As said by Carly Simon,



This scar became my personal logo that showed what I had gone through and how I conquered my limited mindset with the utmost zeal.


And this fueled me to step out of who I had been and become the force I am today that is able to….

Empower women to rise up from the scars of their past and prepare for their most phenomenal relationship yet!

After my awareness and healing of my negative perception towards myself…

I realized that there might be many women in the world who might have suffered from a traumatic life incident as I did that left them branded physically, and even emotionally…

Their scars keeping them from truly knowing themselves and preventing them from authentically getting to know the love that is meant for them…

I reframed my scar to reflect my now SUPERWOMAN STATUS as a light-bringer on a mission to help lead women back to love…

I created this program dedicated to aligning women with the TRUTH of who they have always been; divine, worthy, beautiful, & more, so that they can tap into the love within them to manifest the love outside of them. 


Imagine uncovering the magic of who you truly are with strong moral support from a woman who knows that…

It’s okay to feel inadequate in terms of beauty and perfection when you come across any incident leaving you with its memories…


But what is not okay is constantly feeling unworthy, unloved, and unattractive.


This program will leave you feeling more authentically you with a practical outlook toward love…


You will begin to gain confidence from within to feel free to be as you are…


Create beautiful open relationships with positive intention and trust…


Uncover your power to go after what you want without reluctance…


And live life on your terms!


You see, this is the power you gain when you join the Preparing For Love 8-Week Coaching Program.


How Do I know If This Program is Right for Me?

If you are tired of your scars (physical and/or emotional) keep you away from pursing an intimate relationship and being the driving factor in how you live your life; dictating what you should do, not do, or how you feel about yourself, then this is the program for you. Ask yourself:

Am I Ready For Love?

If you are feeling stuck and tired of letting your trauma dictate your relationships, or lack thereof, and are EMPOWERED to change your love life, you are in the right place! This program will help you gain self-insights and build a solid self-perception so that you can walk into a NEW and HEALTHY relationship with confidence and faith! 

Am I Coachable?

I can only teach you WHAT to do. It is up to YOU to TAKE ACTION and fully participate to get the most of out of this program. I can’t do it for you. You will get out of this program what you put into it!

Am I Consistent?

This program is only 8 sessions; there’s not a lot of time to mess around. You will need to join and be present at EVERY session in order to obtain the full experience. Consistency is key!

Am I Friendly?

It is essential that you show up with a great attitude! Play an active role in supporting yourself in becoming the best YOU that you can be, so you can prepare to the ALIGN with the best partner for you!  

Am I Ready to Work and Have Fun?

There are exercises that will be required of you each week. You have to be ready and willing to DO THE WORK to help you change how you think. Don’t worry, it will be fun! Come with an open mind, open heart, and be ready to work!

Still Confused?

Scarlight Coaching is a perfect solution for your problems if…

  • You want strategies to overcome your fears, doubts and self-sabotage when it comes to intimate relationships.
  • You want to build an unshakeable self-perception that cannot be skewed by anyone.
  • You seek confidence to be who you truly are so that you can show in a relationship as the REAL YOU.
  • You want to embark on a internal journey to improve your overall life.

My Approach

Hi, my name is Ameerah Barker, the Founder and CEO of Scar Power, and the self-empowerment coach for Scarlight Coaching.

My approach to coaching lies within the Kintsugi Method.

Kintsugi (“golden joinery’), also known as kintsukuroi (“golden repair”), is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Read more about it in my blog post, “What is Kintsugi?”

In the areas that you feel you are “broken” or “flawed” and unworthy because of your scar(s), I will assist you in unlocking the awareness that you hold intrinsic gold, silver, and platinum already within you!

You will see that the missing or broken pieces that you have focused on throughout the years, are really just new parts of you waiting to be recreated into a brand new whole and celebrated!

After 12 years of restricting myself because of my scar from FULLY living my life, I finally built the courage to move out of my own way and let go of my scar story and prepare myself for the amazing partner that I know is on his way!

My purpose is to challenge you to begin to change your internal conversations around how you see yourself and your worth. I will provide you with tools and resources to help you uncover your most authentic self and gain the internal and external freedom to build self-love and attract a love worthy of you!

If you’re ready to choose FREEDOM, then book a call with me to discuss how I can help move you into alignment with the Highest YOU to attract the Highest PARNTER!

Ameerah Coach

How Does This Program Help?

Preparing for love reasons

This program will help you:


Learn Your Value

Take a deep dive into ‘self’ and learn about who you are and how you were made for this world. Your value is not based on anything outside yourself. Your true value lies within.


Release Self-Doubt & Self-Sabotage

When it comes to love, it’s easy for fear to rule. Understand the basis of self-doubt and self-sabotage and how they can present themselves. Learn strategies to release these fearful behaviors.


Overcome Vulnerability

Taking a chance and putting yourself directly in line for rejection can be one of the scariest things to do. But it is also one of the bravest. Understanding vulnerability will help you to overcome its powerful nature.


Obtain Clarity On Exactly What You Want & Need

When it comes to a relationship, sometimes we go into it full of old patterns and expectations that does not align with who we are. To get exactly what you want and need, you have to have clarity on what those expectations are.


Gain Confidence

Gain the confidence you need to fully approach a relationship with your EYES WIDE OPEN. Being in tune with yourself will allow you to harness your innate power and prepare for the love you’ve always dreamt of!

Why Choose Me Over Other Coaches?

It’s a common notion that “Before you judge someone, walk a mile in his/her shoes” …


It implies the strong practice of empathy and understanding before we can connect with someone for good.


And that’s exactly what makes me a perfect choice as an empowerment coach for you…


Because I have been there where you are today…

And dealt with all the anxiety and fear before I realized how wrong my self- perception was.


I have fought hard with my negative emotions and hatred toward my scars, both physical and emotional, and created the building blocks to reach my point of awakening…


And now, I will provide these blocks to you as steppingstones for the journey to your highest LOVE! 

Client Testimonials

I was so happy to participate in this coaching program as I am a firm believer in my healing. I knew I needed an extra push and I wanted to create space for my healing in a very holistic way. I was able to walk away from this program with an understanding of how I can move forward with doing the necessary work to heal. It’s not always pretty but understanding how the mind and energy impacts the process was so freeing for me. It all starts within and it takes time. I was also challenged to approach this program with an opened mind and that was very helpful, too! I had to be receptive to the messages for them to stick and I was! I walked away inspired to get to know the woman on the other side of this! Thank you, Ameerah!

Nicole S.


Scar Power Coach

I’m looking for women who are ready to push past their scar stories, generate higher self-love and trust, expand their conscious potential, and SHOW UP AS THEY NEVER HAVE BEFORE! 

YOU are the only one that is in control of your life…

You deserve all the love and happiness that this world can bring you, but…

you have to step OUT to step UP!

I will provide you the framework to empower you to change your self-perception to prepare for the love of your life, but it’s all up to you to receive it!

It is time for you to overcome what you are currently believing about yourself and believe something more!

Believe that you ARE…

Believe that you CAN…

Believe that you HAVE…

and believe that you already KNOW!

Let’s take this journey together!

I am so excited to work with you, get to know you, and assist you in becoming your best self!






How It Works

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Participate in the Program

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, it’s time to learn, grow and Prepare For Love! 

Reach Your Goals

You will leave the program feeling more grounded, guided, and confident in who you are and in your ability to pursue your best relationship! LET’S GO! 


  • Access to Our Proprietary Kintsugi Framework
  • Access to Our 6 On-Demand Training Modules and 10 Lessons with Accompanying Worksheets and Exercises
  • 8 Live One-on-One Coaching Sessions
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We spend so much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection. But regret is the thing we should fear most. Failure is answer. Rejection is an answer. Regret is an eternal question you will never have the answer to. 

Trevor Noah

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