Meet our April Scarlight Anita L. from Albuquerque, New Mexico! I met Anita in my Scars to Confidence Facebook Group, and she has been an amazing soul to be acquainted with! In the group, she posts empowering and inspiring content and is always there to cheer others’ on. Anita was also a panelist for Scar Power’s Valentine’s Day Special Edition Scar Talk where we discussed emotional and love scars. It was an absolutely amazing event, so please watch the replay if you haven’t seen it!

I am so excited to have Anita as Scar Power’s April Scarlight! Below is her story and responses in her own words.

Anita’s Story

“My story is filled with internal emotional scars caused by childhood abuse and domestic violence throughout my life and the AMAZING GOD GIVEN STRENGTH that has come from my SELF INNER BELIEF THAT I COULD RECOVER FROM IT ALL!!”

Questions for Anita

  • Why do you want to be featured in a Scarlight?

“I would love to share my “Triumphantly Risen” story with many around the World to help others HEAL through their years of Traumatized (Internal) Scars and Spread HOPE and RECOVERY, AS I AM PROOF IT CAN HAPPEN TO BECOME BRAVE, STRONG and A TRUE WARRIOR WOMAN THAT I HAVE BECOME TODAY!”

  • How has your story shaped your life’s perspective?

“It showed me that I AM WORTHY of Love and Worthiness and Belief that I can Survive my well-earned SCARS!”

  • What steps did you take and/or tools you used to overcome how you felt about your scars? If you have not yet, why?

“I have taken a lot of self-driven Mastermind Online Courses with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. I took a 10-week course on becoming a CERTIFIED TRANSFORMATION Motivational Speaker, Created an Encouragement and Inspirational Facebook Community page called Kindred Spirts, Warrior Women that had become an AMAZING Platform for Women all over the world. Also, I’ve done many Advocacy Missions for the Homeless, Foster Children and Runaways as I represent them all!”

  • What is the most important thing that you have learned about yourself through your journey?

“I have learned TO NOT BE AFRAID to PUT MYSELF 1st, as for many years I stayed in the dark shadows in despair and pain while trying to SAVE EVERYONE ELSE, hiding with a SMILE!”

  • What is one lesson that you can share with others that will inspire them?

“TO LIVE IN THE PRESENCE WITH YOUR STRONGER SELF! IT’S OKAY to share your years of secrets to help not only yourself but many others for OUR futures!!”

Thank You Anita!

Thank you so much Anita for being your beautiful authentic self and a bright light for us all to follow! I appreciate you!

Anita has been the feature cover story of the magazine “Scars of Survival” and a guest on the Maria Martinez’s Divine Human Podcast. You can LISTEN TO HER EPISODE HERE. Anita is also the Co-Author of the book, Women Who Shine” available now on Amazon!

She also leads the charge for the “Be Happy, Be Kind” mission to create Homeless Hygiene Bags. She is always accepting donations to further her mission by PayPal at

To connect with Anita, you can find her on her Facebook Group – Kindred Spirits, Warrior Women.