Meet our November Scarlight, Candace M., hailing all the way from George, Western Cape, South Africa!

Candance humbly accepted the request to be our Scar Power Scarlight and share her story. Candace is a part of our wonderful Scars to Confidence Facebook Group Community. I have met so many beautiful, strong, and amazing women there and am proud of how the group is growing.

I am also honored that Candace has chosen to tell her story on our Scarlight Platform.

Here is her story below.

Candace’s Story

“Ever since I can remember I have chased a life of addiction, from drug addiction to sex. I thought it was a usual way of life and it became the norm. That environment is one in which I chose bad relationships of destruction that took a toll on me emotionally. Moreover, I felt less of a woman. I did not know what my purpose was.

After 3 years of rehab, I re-entered society and began the process of finding the me I had lost all those years back. It is still a daily growing and learning experience. I have to overcome most of my trauma and fight my inner battles to stand as the strong woman I am today. Now, I have my own business within the network marketing industry, and I am finding it easier to share my story and be my authentic self.

I want to encourage other women to build on the foundation of their struggle. To turn their struggle into a positive mindset to create their dreams and become who they were made to be, with a purpose.”

Questions for Candance

  • How has your story shaped your life’s perspective?

“It has helped me change my way of thought and I no longer put my energy into the negative. Now, I push it into everything that is positive for growth towards success.”

  • What steps did you take and/or tools you used to overcome how you felt about your scars? If you have not yet, why?

“I was rehabilitated for 3 years which was part of my change; however, at the time of being there with all my “thinking errors,” I felt trapped and imprisoned. Furthermore, I felt that no one really cared about me. But once I left, I found mentors to engage with who helped me become the person I am today. Without those people being placed in my life, I would not have found the strength to be the me I need to be to help others face their fears of not feeling accepted by society. Nonetheless, it is still a daily battle. I set all my worries and troubles into God’s hands who is the only one that has been right by my side on my daily journey towards a life of freedom.”

  • What is the most important thing that you have learned about yourself through your journey?

“I learned that I am strong enough, I am seen, and I can help others who have been through what I have been through.”

  • What is one lesson that you can share with others that will inspire them?

“Believe in yourself and you will achieve GREAT THINGS!”

Thank You!

Thank you, Candace for being our November Scarlight and having the courage to share your personal story! Every day is journey for us all.

If you’re interested in becoming a Scar Power Scarlight, please feel free to submit your request!