I first met Amyanna in her Facebook Group, Women With Scars. I joined the group looking for support and to understand the needs of women like me. Amyanna and I have both been through events that left us scarred, but we chose to overcome our adversity and use our voice to help inspire others.

After I learned about her story, I asked if she would consider being a Scarlight article for my website. She graciously accepted, and here is her story below:

Amyanna’s Story

“I was only two years old when my life changed. My mother had 7 other children at the time. My mother kept having dreams about a burning bush. The first time she dreamt it, a little later my brother was burned by hot cooking grease that took the skin clean off his face.

Two weeks before the house fire, there was a guy going around breaking in people houses. My mother was a single mother at the time, so protecting us was everything. My mother and sister nailed all the windows down but one, and that was the window where we slept. She hadn’t meant to skip that window, so I believe that was nothing but God!

One night, my mother went to church and left me and 2 other siblings home with our oldest sister. My sister smelled something, but with it being an older house she didn’t pay it any mind. We went on through the night like we would normally – watching tv and playing. Then it was time to go to sleep. We all slept in the same bed. I was on the outside of the bed, then one sister, then my brother, and another sister by the only window that was not nailed down.

The Fire

All of a sudden, a loud noise came through the house. My oldest sister woke up and realized the house was on fire, burning with flames from the front to the back! The house was burning extremely fast because it was a electric house fire. Everything happened so fast! My oldest sister grabbed the two siblings that were closet to the window as fast as she could and jumped out that window. When my sister got to the safety of the ground, she took the young ones to our nearby granny house. She then she realized I was not one of the two siblings she grabbed out of bed!

My sister gave my grandma the babies and told her that she had to go back to the house. My granny said no, the house was burning too fast and the fire department was on the way. But my sister did not take no for an answer! She ran back to the house anyway. I would always want to lay on the opposite side of the bed, and that night, while my sister was sleep, I got up and wandered off walking around during the time of the fire. I got lost in the smoke and flames when my oldest sister returned for me. She walked through the house and couldn’t find me, so my sister began to pray.

She said Lord, if you take my sister you will have to take me as well. My sister then laid across the bed, and as she ended the prayer, there was a little hand that grabbed to my sister toe. She she grabbed me and ran to safety! When she got out of the house, she noticed the skin was falling from her hands and her blistered feet were soleless. I never uttered a sound. Later, the doctor said that all my nerves had died and that is the reason why I had not cried or was in any pain. I stayed in the hospital for a whole year and a half covered in wrap.

The Aftermath

I lost everything from my hair to layers of skin and scared tissue. The house fire scarred 75% of my body. I went through rehabilitation and had to learn to walk and talk again. The doctors told my parents I would be like a vegetable – not able to have children or go to regular school. They gave up hope. But while they were giving up hope, God was building a platform for that 3rd degree burned survivor.  I was healed and restored! Here I am at 32 years old, I own my own cosmetic line called Amyanna’s Cosmetics, and I am the Founder of Women With Scars! Women With Scars is a platform where women like myself share their stories to empower others. We also have conferences where we push women and men into their purpose.

Everything the doctors said I wouldn’t be, I became!! You have to understand what the devil planned for the bad, God turned it around for good!”

Questions for Amyanna

  • How has your story shaped your life’s perspective?

“I’ve become a better woman spiritually and mentally. I learned not to take life for granted. I push myself everyday, not only for me but for my community and most of all my children.”

  • What is the most important thing that you have learned about yourself through your journey?

“I was bitter for a long time with hate in my heart, but when I got closer to God I seen it clear as day. I’m bigger and stronger now. I’ve learned to love me just the way I am. I also had to realize God does it all for a reason.”

  • What is one lesson that you can share with others that will inspire them?

“You have to learn to love you with all you heart no matter your condition in order for God to continue to Bless you.”

Amyanna was recently interviewed on the BIZ TV Texas Network on a show called All In. Please see her interview below.

Thanks Amyanna for your courage and your passion to inspire others. You are AMAZING!!