Model Scars Photo Shoot Event!

Join Scar Power to recognize and celebrate women with scars in our first ever Model Scars Photo Shoot Event!! (INVITE ONLY)

Scar Power and Martin Studio Photography are teaming up to host a phenomenal and exclusive event to showcase and honor beautiful women with scars!! The beauty industry tells us that we have to be perfect, but perfect is impossible! Here at Scar Power, we encourage you to embrace your authentic self, scars and all!   

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Model Details

We are looking for 16 models between the ages of 18-45 with visible scars who would like to be featured in Scar Power’s advertising campaign!

The photos will be used on the Scar Power website, social media platforms, blogs, advertisements, and for any additional business purposes as deemed appropriate to create brand awareness, inspire women, and sell products.  By participating, you are granting Scar Power, LLC full rights to use your photos for these purposes.  

To be considered, please complete the Model Scars Submission Form below by November 10, 2021. The Deadline has been extended! If selected, you will receive notification via email. 

*Please note, there is a fee to attend the event, see below.

Models are needed for the Scar Power apparel line! If interested, you can purchase an item in the Scar Power Shop to be featured on the website’s Shop Page! A discount code will be provided to you for your purchase.

**Apparel items will need to be purchased by November 6, 2021 to ensure they are in stock or pre-ordered and received by the event date.

***Model experience not necessary.  


Event Details

The Model Scars Photo Shoot Event will be held at Skyloft F Rental Studio on Saturday, November 13, 2021, and will run from 10:00am to 2:00pm. 

The appearance times for models will be staggered throughout the day. If selected, you will be provided a time to show. The photo shoot will consist of individual shots as well as group shots. All photos can be purchased through the Martin Studio Photography website. You will receive purchase details at the event.

ATTIRE:  Black OR White.

All Black: Black jeans, shorts, or stretch pants with a black top (t-shirt, V-neck, long sleeve, or tank top.)

All White: White jeans, shorts or stretch pants with a white top (t-shirt, V-neck, long sleeve, or tank top.)

**NOTE** Whatever you wear, please ensure that your scar is visible without having to adjust clothing, and clothing is a proper fit and camera ready!

Full hair and makeup are required for the event. Natural make up tones preferred with your choice of lipstick color. You have the option of getting your makeup done at the studio, or on your own.

**Makeup at the studio is limited to 8 women ONLY. During registration, you will be asked to choose your makeup preference.

FEE: $100.00 if you are coming with makeup already done.

$160.00 if you require makeup to be done at the studio.

Costs include Refreshments, (makeup, if purchased), photographer, studio time, and individual and group photo shoots. *Photos can be purchased separately.



model scars makeup

Submission Form


The Model Scars Photo Shoot Event is created in partnership with Martin Studio Photography, Skyloft F Rental Studio,  makeup artist lynxmakeup.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email

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