Model Scars Photo Shoot Event!

“Our scars make us beautiful. Our trials make us strong. Our journeys make us unique.” – Danielle Orner



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I am so excited to share the outcome of my first ever Model Scar Photo Shoot Event!!


I got the idea for this event after I found an article in Teen Vogue about models who have embraced their facial scars. I absolutely loved it and thought, “there should be more of this!” It was then that I realized I could do that!! I can gather beautiful women with scars and showcase their beauty with a photo shoot! And ta da, Model Scars was born!

For 12 years, I struggled with my scar. I was afraid to show it to anyone because I didn’t want to be judged. I felt insecure, alone, and my confidence was low. At 22, I was a Baltimore Raven’s Cheerleader and I had dreams of becoming a model, and then this scar happened soon after. I had a specific concept and view of myself and then all of sudden, that view drastically changed. I hid inside myself – I didn’t do the things I wanted to do, or wear the clothes I wanted to wear. At times I felt so alone. 

After some major self-development work, I realized that the biggest obstacle stunting my growth was my scar! We only get one life to live and I wanted to live it to the fullest – I wanted to be my best self, scars and all!! I was able to get out from under my insecurities and back into my life! I also felt that if I was struggling with this issue for so long, then I knew there were other women out there with the same insecurities. I wanted to help them and become a role model to let all women know that it is okay to show your scars. It is okay to be you – you are beautiful exactly as you are! And this is what I hope I captured in my Model Scars Photo Shoot!

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I  am so immensely grateful to the phenomenal women, Tameka and Lynx, who came out to support me and bare their scars right along with me! Like Neo said, “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m force when we’re together!” 

We did good ladies!!

Thank you!!


“This event was powerful, moving, fun, humbling, and loving. When you meet ladies that share the same body image issues you have, you do nothing but all boss up and pour into each other. This is what the world needs more of. Accepting each other for “what” and “who” we are.” ❤️


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Can I just say that the Model Scars Photo Shoot Event was Amazing!! I had the chance to be with two amazing and powerful women on the shoot. Not to mention that they have truly embraced their scars. For that reason, I am so grateful that I was a part of the event. #scarpower! 💪

– You can read more about Lynx’s scar story in her Scarlight Feature Article!


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