Questions are the answer. Many of us are looking for answers to some issue. Sometimes it can just be our keys that we’ve lost, an address on the way to an important meeting, or a child that’s playing hide and seek. Other times, the answers we seek are much deeper.

Why does this always happen to me? Why do I always do this? What is happening right now? These are the questions that we commonly ask ourselves, but if you home into the energy behind those questions, you can see that there is a negative connotation. The question: Why does this always happen to me, implies something is wrong, it isn’t supposed to be this way, or this is bad. When our mind goes to answer the question, it brings the negative energy along with it and replies with negative answers.

Let me say this again: When our mind goes to answer the question, it brings the negative energy along with it and replies with negative answers.

So, what does this mean? Questions are the answer.

Questions are the Answer – Meaning

Here is an example. There are two children, both 6-years-old, and their names are Megan and Toya. These girls are both playing with a Barbie doll when Megan decides she doesn’t want to share, so she snatches the doll away from Toya and pushes her down. She then proceeds to play with the doll herself.

Megan’s mom sees this interaction, takes the doll away from Megan and marches her right up to Toya so that she can apologize. As a 6 year old, Megan is stubborn and doesn’t want to apologize. Because her mom is insistent, telling Megan that she will be in “time out” if she doesn’t apologize, Megan squeezes out an “I’m sorry” then starts to cry. So, I ask, did Megan sincerely mean it when she said “I’m sorry” to Toya? I would say no.

The point I want to make within this interaction, is that there is energy behind our words; therefore, energy behind our questions. Your mind will come up with the answer to any question you ask it, even if it is the wrong answer. As humans, we tend to take the first answer that we come up with and run with it! Which leads to assumptions, and you know what they say about assumptions….”when you assume, you make an ass out of yourself.”

What’s the solution?

Questions are the answer, so ASK BETTER QUESTIONS to RECEIVE BETTER ANSWERS! The energy of the question and the energy of receiving in delight and joy is MORE IMPORTANT than the stress of not receiving.

This means when you ask a question of yourself, be mindful of the way you’re asking the question and the energy behind it. Ask the question out of curiosity, or out of love, or even out of the energy of playfulness, but never ask the question out of lack, fear, or self-doubt.

When we ask questions out of lack, and most of us do, the answers to our questions come back shrouded in lack, fear, and self-doubt. Which blinds us to the TRUE answers. For example, imagine a dark storm cloud so dense that it blocks out the beautiful blue skies, the white fluffy clouds, and the warming yellow light of the sun. Now imagine that storm cloud is perched above your head, following you around 24-7 like it is in the Charlie Brown cartoon. You constantly pray and pray and ask: why is this happening to me, why can’t I do this, what does this mean, etc.?

Realize, the dark cloud is the energy of lack, self-doubt, and fear, and your questions will never break through to the energy of truth (blue skies, white clouds, and warm sun) until you remove that dark cloud.

There is a podcast I absolutely love from one of Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Podcast with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. It talks about asking empowering questions vs. disempowering questions. I invite you to listen to it here via YouTube.

The Lesson

Tony Robbins always says, “Life happens FOR us, not TO us.” So many times, I asked myself: why did I have to get this scar? And every time, I asked it in the energy of lack and fear. I have hoped, wished, and prayed this scar away, but it would never go. Only after some deep self-development work with the help of books, coaches and seminars (you can read about my journey in my blog post – The Importance of Self-Development) did I see that I was asking the wrong, or maybe even the right question, but with the wrong energy. It’s when I changed the energy behind my question did it break through my cloud of lack and fear to reach the blue skies and the sun. The answer that has come back is: to help other women dealing with the same thing.

Your questions are the answer. So, ask your questions in the energy of love, worthiness, curiosity, playfulness, and joy. Only then will you receive the answers you most need.

What questions are you asking yourself right now? I would love to hear from you!