Based on the song by Alessia Cara

“She don’t see her perfect.

She don’t understand she’s worth it. Or that beauty goes deeper than the surface, oh, oh.

So to all the girls that’s hurting, let me be your mirror.

Help you see a little bit clearer.

The light that shines within.”

– Alessia Cara, Scars to Your Beautiful (song)

The Story

When I first had the idea for starting Scar Power, I hadn’t heard the Scars to Your Beautiful song in a long time. And it’s amazing how perfectly it fits with everything I want to do. I was in total awe of how almost every word in that song was me, is me, and it was what I was looking to do for others. I thought about using some of the words in the song for a mission statement or some other company paraphernalia, but I realized there were most likely copyright laws in place so, I decided to write a blog about it. Here goes!

The line of the song where she says “let me be your mirror (or meerah…ahh, you like that word play :-)), help you see a little bit clearer, the light that shines within!”. It represented how I could be the mirror for so many women who may think they’re not worth it, they’re not beautiful, or they’re less than. I want those women to see someone like them, someone who has a prominent scar and who is not perfect, but who embraces it and no longer cares what other people think. Helping other women find value in themselves and live life on their terms, no longer fearing other people’s opinions, became my mission.

The Inspiration

I want to speak to those women now. The scars or the physical imperfections that are holding you back are just an illusion. There are no Scars to Your Beautiful. We create this jail cell in our minds and keep a piece of us trapped in it, sometimes for years like I did. That is no way to live! We’ve been put on this planet for a reason. You now have a story. Whatever it was that tried to break you, didn’t! You overcame that struggle; you were stronger than it! To the women who had cancer, had C-sections, or to those that were in accidents and had to have surgeries to save their lives – KNOW THAT YOU ARE A BADASS!! You are still here, and you have the scar to prove it! Don’t be ashamed of it!

When we have imperfections, we don’t give the world the full version of ourselves, and that is a tragedy. You can’t be the best version of yourself when you’re timid, in doubt, and lack confidence. Who knows how many opportunities I have missed or didn’t see at all because I was too afraid to show my scar? I couldn’t express myself or my creativity through clothes because I told myself there was no way I was going outside without my scar covered. Every shirt I bought catered to my scar. My family members would send me cute outfits and I would say “Oh, it’s cute, but I can’t wear that.” But who determined that? Who told me I couldn’t wear that? I did. I created that thought of “I can’t” and held on to it for 12 years! It was very limiting!!

I held myself back because I cared what society thought about me. I thought I was not “normal,” and I wanted to be accepted. But you know what? It’s ok not to be normal! I’m ME. I decided that as long as I accept myself, love myself completely, I don’t care what anyone else thinks! Those who love me, despite my imperfections, are the ones that matter.

The Lesson

As humans, we are made to evolve, to grow, and when you’re stuck in a limiting belief and not growing, not using your creativity, then you’re slowly dying everyday- not living. The second that just passed, right now, gone. Can’t get it back. Was it spent doing something closer to living, or was it spent doing something closer to dying? (Hopefully, you’ll say living as you’re reading this post, because I’m giving you lots of inspiration right now! ;-P)

The lesson here is to live your life! Not how anyone else wants you to live it, but how you want to live it. Be unapologetically YOU. Learn to love yourself and it will not matter what anyone else thinks.

Ask yourself, do you want to be free? What is it that stops you?

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