What a year!!

Here we are, days from the end 2021 and now roaring steadily into 2022! It has been a wild ride! Life has changed so much for many people, and Covid continues to put restrictions on the freedoms we once held.

For me, 2021 was a mix of lessons and blessings. It has been one of the toughest years I’ve been through in a long time! But I’ve also experienced a massive amount of growth during this time as well, so hey, I’ll take it!

Read on to learn more about how 2021 took shape for me.


If you had told me at the beginning of 2021 that I would (1) finally embrace the scar that I so vehemently covered up for over 12 years, and (2) build a company around it to inspire and empower other women, I wouldn’t have believed you! I could not see the path from the place I was then – unemployed, in the middle of a divorce, running out of money, not sure what the future held – to the place I am now – employed, owning my own business, and actively and confidently planning my future!

2021 was my step back to set up my comeback! I know that I am at the foundational level of my story, and it is only the beginning!! From the emotional and spiritual growth that I have experienced and continue to experience, to the ideas I have and the people I’ve met, are all propelling me to a future that will be absolutely AMAZING! I know that it will take some hard work on my part, but I am ready!

We are spiritual beings put on this earth to evolve; we are in a constant state of becoming. Growing is never completed, there is always more until it is our time to depart this life. We are beings of limitless potential, capable of doing, being, and having anything that we desire. All we need to do is accept it and work toward it!

My Purpose

During my growth spurt of 2021 (that’s what I’m calling it), I went through a massive self-development period from January through May. I attended seminars, read books, journaled, and meditated…you can read more ABOUT ME HERE. The major insight that finally got me out of my scar story was that I wanted to LIVE! I did not want to go through life restricting myself from all the things I wanted to do and have. We are on this earth for a limited amount of time. I didn’t want to regret not wearing a tank top in my 30s as I lay on my death bed. My life will not end up like that, and I don’t want it to be that way for other women who are stuck in their scar stories either. We all need to break out and be ourselves exactly as we are!

2021 Accomplishments:

And that is how my story began; overcoming personal defeats, learning, growing, and breaking down one of the biggest obstacles that held me trapped within myself (my scar) for years. This all lead to one of the biggest accomplishments of the year:

The Birth of Scar Power

If I had not been willing to do all the hard self-development work, Scar Power would not be here. When you are stuck in your scar story, you are unable to see all the good things that lie just beyond it. A huge cloud of smoke covers your vision which blocks you from accepting what is, accepting yourself as is, and from showing the world your authentic self. Only then will the Universe meet you where you are and reveal to you a life you can’t even imagine!

It took three (hardworking) months- from May 2021 to August 2021- to launch Scar Power. Once the idea of the company came to me, all the offerings flowed right behind it. I couldn’t sleep because the ideas kept coming! Within five months, I was able to get all aspects of the business operational and running smoothly!


  • Scarlights: Because I didn’t want the company to be just about me, I created a platform where the stories of strength and courage of beautiful and amazing women could be showcased! Meet the four Scarlights of 2021 below!
  • Blog: I love reading and writing, so a blog seemed like the natural thing to do! It allows me to write about my thoughts, things that I learn, and of course, my own personal journey!
  • Apparel: When I revealed my scar to the world, I wanted to show it in a way that exuded confidence. People would not look at me and feel sorry for me. They would see me in the Scar Power apparel and know that my scar is my power…and it is yours too!
  • Book Club: Self-development played a major role in me letting go of my scar story and getting out of my comfort zone. So, to give back, I created the Powerbooks, A MasterMind Book Club platform to build a community of women to learn, grow, and support each other through their journeys!
  • Events: The Scar Talk Series and Model Scars Photo Shoot were two events that I created to provide a greater experience to my Scar Power community! Learning important information and skills from professionals of different backgrounds to putting your confidence (scars be damned!) on full display made for an excellent wrap up to the year!

Scarlight Features

Scar Power Events!

Full Steam Ahead

I am so excited about my future and the future of Scar Power! 2022 is going to be amazing! My top two goals are:

  • Continued personal growth – stepping out of my comfort zone to become a beacon of hope and possibility for others
  • Deepening my connection with my Scar Power community to assist and support them as needed!

Goals for the company are to:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Obtain sponsorships with established companies
  • More amazing events and outreach
  • More Scar Talk Webinars
  • Publish my book about my life and journey!

Thank you so much for your continued support of me and Scar Power! I am looking forward to building a Phenomenal 2022 with you!