A Twilight Zone Episode

I don’t know how many of you have watched the Twilight Zone series by Rod Serling, but I love it!! I’ve probably seen every episode. Some episodes I like better than others, but I can binge watch the Twilight Zone like nobody’s business!

One of my favorite episodes is called, “The Eye of the Beholder.” I love it because when you think about it, beauty truly is in the eyes of each individual person. We each see the world through our own filters and perceptions. One person can think someone is beautiful, another person can think that same person is unattractive. Which one is right? Well, they’re both right according to themselves. But there’s no right or wrong answer. And this is not a test, this is real life.

The Episode Recap

Let me do a quick recap of this episode so we can all be on the same page. If you haven’t see it before, sorry, this is a spoiler! But if you have, go watch it again, it’s a great one!!

When the episode begins, there’s a woman lying in a hospital bed talking with the hospital staff. Her entire head is completely wrapped in a bandage so all you hear is her voice. She has just gotten a procedure to change her appearance and it’s not her first one she’s had; there have been multiple procedures. Through her discussion with the nurse/doctor, we come to the understanding that the woman thinks she’s very unattractive, hideous even, to the point where she’d go through multiple procedures to look beautiful and fit in with society. For the majority of the episode, the camera is only directed at the woman in the bandage or at the room. We really don’t see the hospital staff, except for a glimpse of their turned head, or their back.

The Plot Twist

Toward the end of the episode, the doctor finally unwraps the bandage, and…. (drumroll please), this woman is absolutely fine! There is nothing wrong with her! When the camera pans to the reactions of the hospital staff and we finally get to see their faces, they are the ones that are…different. They have these huge noses and twisted up lips and are just not what our society would call beautiful, or normal.

Then, the woman gets up from the bed, and goes running down the hall – screaming in horror and crying because there was no change to her face and she just wants to fit in. She runs right into the arms of a man that the doctor explains has come to take her away. Now, this guy is completely normal as well. The doctor explains that this guy will take her to a place where people look like her, to a planet called “Earth”. Turns out the whole time, she was on a different planet, and everyone there was normal, and she was the alien!

The Lesson

Everyone is different. Everyone has their own perceptions. Who are they to say that you are attractive, or you are unattractive? Society has it’s standards, so you create your own standards; create your own definition of beauty.

Here at Scar Power, we know you are beautiful. Let this be a place where you can call your home, your planet. You have a light that shines bright within you that no one can take away. So SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

What new standards will you create for yourself?

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