Today is November 1, 2021. It is the middle of Autumn, or Fall, depending on your word preference. It is the season of change. This is the time when we see the results of the inner workings of the trees, when the leaves change from green to their beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds. A time when there is just a bit more chill in the air, when heavy jackets and scarves begin to come out of hibernation. 

Not only are the changes external, for many, the changes are internal as well. This year, the world began to open back up a little bit more. For some, masks began to come off, family gatherings resumed, beaches were more inhibited, which led to a freedom outside that hadn’t been experienced in months! For me, this season is becoming one of the most important of my life! I think I have learned and grown more in the past year and a half than I have in the past 5 years combined!! 

My Life Updated

To give you an update on this journey I call life, in the past year I have:

  • Gotten separated and divorced
  • Lived cross country from my son for the first time ever
  • Lost a job and went on unemployment 
  • Did some major self-development work
  • Attended 4 Tony Robbins seminars 
  • Freed myself from years of insecurities and fear around my scar
  • Started my own business
  • Learned a TON about business, and myself
  • Became more conscious
  • Embraced my spirituality
  • Got my heart broken 
  • Went on my first solo trip out of the country to Aruba 
  • Had financial difficulties 
  • Got a new job 
  • Moved residences…twice 
  • Met new friends 

And I am still riding this roller coaster!!

While it has not always been easy, I am grateful. These experiences helped me to understand myself more, pinpoint what I need, what I want, and what I don’t want. It taught me the lessons that I needed to learn, whether it was patience, discipline, surrender, humbleness, or thankfulness. I am grateful for it all because I know all these things are leading me to become the person I am destined to be.

Moving Forward

I once heard a quote that said, and I’m paraphrasing “what if everything you’re going through is leading you to everything you’ve asked for?” 

I come back to this quote every time that I have a “bad/learning” day. As humans, we experience change every day as we live and breath but sometimes it is very hard to embrace. I am constantly learning to accept change and everything that is happening in my life, and to live in the flow. Tony Robbins has said, “life is happening for you and not to you.” I have big dreams and goals which includes being able to provide for my family, give back to world and affect someone’s life for the better, and experience life without restrictions -to be free!

If there is one thing that I have learned about myself thus far, it is that growth is one of my most important needs. Above all, I want to truly LIVE and experience a life full of love, freedom, and happiness, and be able to share that with others by helping them to overcome their insecurities and fears around their scars, so they too can experience a phenomenal life. I want Scar Power to be the catalyst for people who feel insecure and stuck in their bodies; that they may be able to find the love for themselves and accept themselves for who they are right now, despite any scars.

The Lesson

We are on this Earth for a limited time, and you never know how much time you have. I believe that it would be a tragedy to be unable to do the things you want and experience life on your terms. You don’t want to be on your death bed unfulfilled and having to live with the regret of shoulda, coulda, woulda, and “if only I had more time.” I refuse to do that, and it is my hope that I can prevent someone else from experiencing that because they chose not to overcome their fears.

Therefore, I choose to embrace change every day, to be open, to release my hold on controlling every aspect of my life and just go with the flow. We are in a season of change. Walk into this November full of courage and confidence with your eyes wide open. If not, you’re going to miss all of life’s beauty!

What changes have you gone through or are going through in your life?

Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!